img_4769Hi, my name’s Pema Donyo

I’m a fiction author by night, and a coffee-fueled college student by day.

My novels include The Innocent Assassins, a Young Adult thriller, and One Last Letter, a western historical romance. My first novella is another historical romance, Revolutionary Hearts.

California college kid

I’ve always lived in sunny Southern California, where any temperature less than 70 degrees is freezing and flip-flops never go out of season. As a current senior at Claremont McKenna College, I’m still working on mastering that delicate balance between finishing homework and meeting publisher deadlines.

Passion for creativity

I believe creativity can be infused into all endeavors, whether building a brand new story world or solving a more quantitative problem. Creativity can be (and should be) applied to all aspects of life!

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Read about my musings on creativity and writing on my blog.

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