{EXCLUSIVE} First two pages of THE INNOCENT ASSASSINS + two new songs to the playlist!

With the release of THE INNOCENT ASSASSINS only two weeks away – pauses for celebration –

I’m celebrating by releasing the first two pages of THE INNOCENT ASSASSINS and adding two new songs to the novel’s playlist. Without further ado, I present an exclusive first look at the romantic suspense novel.

Page_1 Page_2

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New Playlist Songs!

“Lock Me Up” by The Cab

Time to listen to my confession.
I’m much less than I wanted to be, wanted to be.
You shine a light on my dark side, but you
Don’t care what you see.

Adrian’s perspective on Jane. She loves him in spite of his power-hungry personality and assassin lifestyle. The crimes he commits are worthy enough to go to jail – to be “locked up” – but he’s in his own form of jail because of his attachment to Jane. He’s never breaking free from her.


“Droplets” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves

I’m leaving you
I’m not sure if that’s what I should do
It hurts so bad
I’m wanting you but can’t go back
Trying to find, to find
That all elusive piece of mind
Stuck here somehow
Shrouded beneath my fear and doubt
And I don’t need it

Jane knows she’ll have to eventually leave Adrian. She can’t afford to be distracted from her mission, but it’s hard for her to separate her feelings for Adrian and her hatred of Covert Operatives. She’s stuck between the “fear and doubt” of her love for Adrian and the future she wants for herself (which happens to be everything he stands against).

The Innocent Assassins will release on June 24, 2014.


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