Top 10 Lessons Learned from Kick-Ass Heroines

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My upcoming release, THE INNOCENT ASSASSINS, features a former assassin serving undercover as a spy for the CIA. Along the way, she struggles with her feelings for the assassin organization’s next-in-command. To be honest, kick-ass heroines provide even better love lessons than traditional romance heroines. Starlets of romantic suspense and thrillers are strong enough to defeat some serious bad guys and smart enough to navigate their way through love.

  1. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games): Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Clever Katniss is careful about who she trusts in a dangerous dystopia. While we may not all live in District 12, we can all use her advice to proceed cautiously into any romance.
  2. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter): Think rationally, not rashly. Hermione doesn’t follow Ron when he decides to leave. While she harbors a major crush on him, she doesn’t let it stop her from helping Harry save the entire wizarding world.

  3. Sydney Bristow (Alias): Bad timing doesn’t mean a bad relationship. The relationship between Sydney and her on-again, off-again love interest Michael Vaughn includes her dramatic fake death, his confusing fake death, and tons of cringe-worthy hairstyle changes. Once the timing is right, they are able to make things work. (There’s a lot of hairstyle changes before this happens.)

    Well there’s one hairdo.
  4. Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer): First impressions aren’t everything. Or in Buffy and Spike’s case, brutal hatred and a centuries-old mythical struggle. Feelings change over time even if you’re a slayer and he’s a vampire.

    (this really didn’t stop buffy from dating a guy who tried to kill her)
  5. Nyota Uhura (Star Trek): Cultural barriers are surmountable. She and Spock come from different planets (actually, though). While there probably aren’t many favorite TV shows they share in common, Uhura doesn’t let a little culture clash keep her from love.

    But commanding a spaceship > Spock
  6. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones): Don’t let heartbreak hold you back. Partly because she’s awesome as an independent leader and partly because GOT seems intent to destroy every happy couple on the show, her husband dies after she falls in love with him. Nevertheless, does our girl Daenerys continue emerging as a political force to be reckoned with? Definitely.

  7. Princess Merida (Brave): You can save yourself without a man. Merida doesn’t end the movie by choosing a husband; she chooses a life for herself on her own terms. She saves her mother and her brothers by depending on herself, not a love interest. (Also magic, let’s be real.)

    She also taught us all to keep our hair natural, come to think of it.
  8. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy): Never let past disappointment keep you from future happiness. After Burke’s last-minute abandonment at the altar, she didn’t let his mood swings stop her from trying marriage a second time with Owen. She “dances it out” and moves on.   
  9. Olivia Pope (Scandal): Get your head in the game. The political game, that is. Olivia loves Fitz, but she understands that sometimes love isn’t enough. Between managing her super successful firm and sorting through real sketchy family issues, Liv has enough on her plate. While romance is important, this shouldn’t come at the expense of one’s own well-being and success.

    Because “it’s handled.”
  10. Claire Underwood (House of Cards): Find someone who complements you. Claire and Frank are both equally ambitious and hard-working. They help each other succeed rather than bring each other down (even when that means a few murders along the way). Lawsuits, murders, social climbing – you name it, they’ve supported each other through it.

What lessons from these heroines do you think are missing? What other kick-ass heroines come to mind for you?


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