Sound effects and music and Booktrack oh my!

I’m excited to announce The Innocent Assassins is now available on Booktrack. Read it to experience the first chapter/beginning of the second chapter with added music and special effects!

It’s not just any audio excerpt. The words on the page aren’t read; instead, audio accompanies the text to establish the ambiance and record the special effects sound of each scene. You don’t need to just read about the car skidding, you can hear it right as you read it on the screen.

The new eAC_TheInnocentAssassins2_1600x2400xcerpt is genuinely the background of a television show or movie. Especially for the first chapter of The Innocent Assassins, which has so much action packed into the first few scenes of the novel. Immerse yourself in the world of Covert Operatives and the roller-coaster romance between Jane and Adrian as if you’re right there with them. Experience all the sounds of the first chapter without any distraction of voices, allowing you to read the dialogue/descriptions at your own pace.

Experience the first chapter in audio form now! 


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