The Best Writing Podcasts (Part 2)


Less than a year ago, I published a post about writing podcasts (all of which I still listen to a year later). I thought I’d add a follow-up to that post with three new writing podcasts that have my attention. They’re a mix of inspiration and invaluable industry knowledge.

Kobo Writing Life – You may know Kobo because it’s a book retailer, but the company’s also started a podcast which features great interviews with successful authors and industry professionals. It’s always interesting to compare the path to publication stories of newer versus older writers. The podcast features a mix of trad-pubbed authors, self-pubbed authors, and anyone whose ideas are changing the story industry. Favorites: “Amy Tannenbaum” and “Bella Andre”.

The Smarter Artist – Less of a writing industry podcast and more of a writing mindset podcast. The Sterling & Stone guys talk about writing routines, lifestyle changes they’ve made for their writing, and conquering self-doubt as a writer. Each podcast is between 5-10 minutes to cut out any fluff and leave solid advice for listeners. Favorites: “What To Do if You Have Only One Book” and “How to Define Your Goals as an Artist”.

Your Creative Life – What’s unique about Vanessa Carnevale’s podcast is that since she’s based in Australia, most of her guests are Australian. She does feature writers from other parts of the world as well, but her focus allows listeners to compare American and British industries with Australia’s. Even if you’re already from Australia yourself, there’s a lot to learn from her accomplished guests. Favorites: “On Establishing a Regular Writing Practice and Working with the Inner Critic” and “Querying and industry tips and insights”.

And as I wrote last time, there’s an incredible amount of quality writing and publishing podcasts out there in the world. If there are any others you listen to, let me know in the comments below.


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